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Microgreens are like the rockstars of the veggie world, plucked in their prime when they're all young and sprouty, just before they debut their first set of true leaves.

These little powerhouses aren't your average greens; they're the superheroes battling diseases with an arsenal of vitamins, minerals, and all the good plant vibes.

Some of these mini wonders even pack a whopping 40% more nutritional punch than their fully grown counterparts! Who knew tiny could be so mighty?

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About Us

We are Brandon and Sara Mitchell. Our adventurous journey began in 1999. We created two wonderful, tiny humans and have run several successful storage businesses together. Originally from Maryland and Pennsylvania, we relocated to Martinez, Georgia in 2017.

We both grew up in the heart of farm country with parents who valued the knowledge and wisdom gardening provides. We started growing our own food early in the pandemic, bonding as family while digging through the dirt and enjoying the fruits of our labor. With several successful crops, lettuce became our nemesis.

This ultimately led us to a logical alternative - microgreens. What a success it was, sparking us to launch our own business in 2022. Now you can find Brandara Family Farm's microgreens at
local and regional markets, online, and in some of your favorite local eateries.

Why Microgreens

Nutrition: Contains up to 40x the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals, and other healthy compounds than their adult counterparts. Each variety offers an assortment of health and wellness benefits.
Flavor: Each microgreen variety boasts its
own distinct flavor profile. Similar to food and
wine pairing, microgreens can elevate the
taste of your next meal, drink, or smoothie.
Appearance: Microgreens small size, unique shapes and vibrant colors make them ideal for use as a garnish to take any dish to the next level.

Sustainable Farming

We are passionate about getting more healthy food into our community using sustainable and chemical free processes. Our eco-conscious growing process is done inside our state-of-the-art facility and is independent of inclement weather, pests, and other seasonal challenges. This means you get access to fresh microgreens year- round! We use organic soil and non-GMO seeds... no harsh chemicals! Our microgreens are harvested by hand to ensure quality. From start to finish Brandara Family Farm microgreens are clean, healthy, and packed with nutrients all while doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint.

Support Local

We believe that strong local economies build thriving communities. Shopping locally grown food supports our economy by reinvesting dollars back into local businesses. Whether purchasing from Brandara Family Farm or any of the CSRA's many family farmers and growers, you are making a difference!

Brandara Family Farm's Best Sellers

These varieties are perfect for anyone new to the world of microgreens.

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